The Storefront

We are located on Highway 290, 4 miles west of the “Y” at Oakhill in Austin, Texas.   The over 3000 square foot store has several unique features that make it physically distinctive in a number of ways.

First, on top of our sign post out front is a seven foot tall elk.  Yes, an elk.  You can easily see it as you approach the store from either direction on the highway.  The elk should bring to mind a few important things about our Catholic faith.  First, there is the patron saint of hunters, St. Hubert, whose calling card is a crucifix he saw emblazoned in between the antlers of a stag while hunting (we carry his prayer card, as well as “St. Hubert Hunt Club” t-shirts and hoodies).  Second, there is, of course, Psalm 42.  And finally, there is nothing wrong with being unique–  and, well, what other Catholic Bookstore in the country has a seven foot tall elk on top of their sign?

Second, when you come in the store, you see our wall of crosses and crucifixes:  a wall complete with an eight foot tall and eight inch square hand hewn rough cedar cross made by master-craftsman, Doug Micklitz.  The wall is covered floor to ceiling with aromatic cedar boards, a theme that runs throughout the store in all of the window boxes, all of the floor and ceiling moldings, the office doors (with herring-bone design, also done by Doug Micklitz), the bulkheads and even the chair rail moldings on our bookshelves.

Finally, is our children’s gallery, complete with a floor to ceiling, hand painted wild life mural.  At over 25 feet long, it leaves an impression and imparts calm– the perfect finish for what is one of the largest collections of Catholic children’s books in the State of Texas.

Our goal was to provide a bookstore that is easy to find, relaxing to walk through and inviting to the spirit.  We hope you come see us and tell us how we did!