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Lizzie Velasquez, author of Be Beautiful, Be You  ( Liguori Publications, Aug.29, 2012), is a 23 year old Communications major at Texas State University in San Marcos, a motivational speaker who has presented at more than 200 workshops, and an author. She is also one of only three individuals in the world known to have been born with an undiagnosed syndrome that prevents the body from gaining weight or creating muscle.

 When an Internet video calling her the “world’s ugliest woman” went viral during her high school years, Lizzie Velasquez responded by setting several goals for her life. Graduating from college, becoming a motivational speaker, and writing a book were some of her goals.

In her new book, Be Beautiful, Be You, to be released Aug. 29, 2012, Lizzie share what she has learned about true beauty. She uses anecdotes and exercises to teach readers to recognize their own unique gifts, talk to God in their own words, deal with disappointment, make and maintain healthy friendships, and set realistic goals.

“Is someone or something hurting you? Are you feeling alone or lonely? Afraid? Misunderstood? Do you wish even just one person would listen to you? Do you have a decision to make and need help choosing a path? I want to give you the tools to figure out what to do about each of those problems,” she wrote. The book also includes photos of Lizzie and her family and friends, along with prayers she has written.

Just to maintain her weight at about 60 pounds, Lizzie eats more than 5,000 calories daily. Doctors say she has some of the symptoms of neonatal progeroid syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by premature aging and an extreme lack of fat.

After co-writing her first book, Lizzie Beautiful, with her mother Rita and Cynthia Lee, Lizzie has become a sought-after motivational speaker in the central Texas area. Lizzie share a powerful message of tolerance and acceptance and has become an inspirational figure for youth and young adults affected by bullying and low-self esteem.

Her online media presence is undeniably strong. Lizzie’s YouTube channel has received more than 3 million views. Her story has been featured by both national and international media, including the Today Show, Inside Edition, Dr. Drew, Australia’s Sunday Night, and Germany’s Explosiv.

Lizzie’s constant blogging, photo sharing, and motivational and humorous messages keep her online followers abreast of her daily struggles and successes. She receives dozens of emails daily from young people and parents, asking for her advice on how to cope with peer criticism or sharing personal stories of how Lizzie has motivated them. These exchanges helped inspire Lizzie’s second book, Be Beautiful, Be You. 

A native of Austin, Texas, Lizzie has a younger brother and sister who do not share her syndrome. Her parents, Lupe and Rita, are both active catechists in their parish. Lizzie’s hobbies include dancing. One of her favorite foods is pepperoni pizza.

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