Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours

The Divine Office, or Liturgy of the Hours, is a pillar of spiritual prayer and conversion.  It is a bed rock part of the Church’s liturgical history (see Acts 2:42), and is a direct response to Christ’s clarion call to pray unceasingly.  Just as the early Church and disciples prayed at specific times of the day (Acts 2:1-15; 10:9, 3:1, 16:25), so the Church still prays today.

Learning to pray the Liturgy of the Hours can seem to be a daunting task.  Often referred to as “death by ribbons,” the practice can appear to be cumbersome and overly complex.  This is obviously not by design…but perhaps such an appearance is due to the tremendously deep and critically important process of conversion that can accompany the prayers.  Rest assured, once in practice, the person engaged in the prayers thinks little of flipping pages…and relishes the praise and glory offered to God through His psalms, Scripture and prayer.  Indeed, many are unaware that simply by praying evening and morning prayer for a month, the individual prays every psalm at least once!

In his book Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer, the late Thomas Dubay noted that there are three pillars to true conversion of heart:  Scripture, the lives of the saints, and the Liturgy of the Hours.  Perhaps you should take a look at this wonderfully engaging and imminently rewarding practice.  Pray the Liturgy of the Hours.  Pray with the Church.

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