Our Business Creed and Challenge

What does Credo mean to us?

Among other challenges, Christian teaching is often secularly maligned simply because it is misunderstood and, unfortunately, looked down upon as an overly simplistic outlook on normal, “real” daily life. The apostolic teachings of the Catholic Church are no exception. In fact, it is the very orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church that seem to many ( including many Catholics )  to be the most backward, archaic, subjective ( i.e., arbitrary), unrealistic and even discriminatory. These secular and notably inaccurate views of the Church reflect not only the gross misconceptions of Church teaching, but also an absolute, dire need for Christians to not only return to the Truth… but to be given full access to the tools necessary to Challenge themselves and approach the faith with complete openness, to Rediscover the incredible richness and completeness of Christ’s Church, to Explore the intellectual integrity of their faith, to Dedicate themselves to intellectual honesty in their faith journey, and to Order their lives accordingly.


Challenge yourself

Rediscover Christ’s Church

Explore your Faith

Dedicate yourself to intellectual honesty

Order your life.

The Problem of Availability…and help:

As both converts and “reverts” to the Church, we at Credo Catholic understand the difficulty of finding access to the incredibly large world of authentically Catholic materials outside of Sunday Mass. Rest assured, this difficulty is not because the materials do not exist, nor do we mean to suggest that the Church’s teaching is “unavailable”– but not having an easy source for the immeasurable variety of Catholic materials (whether they be books, goods or other items) is a serious problem.  Chief among the goals of our ministry and business is helping to solve this problem by providing the largest physical collection of Catholic books, goods and other items in South Austin and Central Texas, and a meaningful online experience that provides that same access. Just as important is serving our customers not just by providing access, but by being available… in person… to answer questions, to help locate materials, and whenever possible, to enrich their Credo Catholic experience– always with an obedient dedication to the Church.  While an online search can be fruitful, having the opportunity for a helpful reference in person is, quite simply, different… and part of our promise to you.